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The Need of Strong Encryption as it is proposed by the PrivacyInside technology is a need that came up in various verticals and marketing angles:

Private and Public sector information infrastructures underpin the global information environment and is increasingly vulnerable to attack by disgruntled employees, criminals, terrorists and foreign adversaries.

Disruption of information infrastructures could effectively bring both corporations and the global society to a halt.

The chaos created by the power crisis experienced on the US East Coast of 2003 is a pointer to the ease with which contemporary society can be disrupted.

Critical services such as health services, power, transportation and finance are increasingly dependent upon globally interconnected information infrastructures.

The capabilities of potential adversaries are growing and the threat is very real: a sustained electronic attack that could disrupt fuel and power supplies, air, rail and surface transportation and paralyze our finances.

Even “everyday” cyber-crime already costs the global economy billions of dollars per year; this represents a real threat to society and a high cost to every taxpayer and consumer.
The Privacy Inside Solution
The Privacy Inside provides unique encryption method. This method attempts to solve several fundamental issues regarding strong encryption of objects that include plain text, byte code, bit streams, messaging and data acquisition and control. The key advantages to the encryption method are:

Lightweight cross platform, cross operating system code across many devices.

Unbreakable keys using random strings produced by human action.

Multiplexing with white noise add-on random layer.

Extremely fast encryption/decryption with negligible processing requirements

Ability to interoperate with existing and proprietary communication protocols.

Ability to encrypt on the object, and transmission packet level.

Ability to modify symmetric keys in real time (session key changing).

Eliminates mathematical methods (prime numbers, discrete logarithms).

Adaptable to any computerized device (computer, smart card, token, router).

Adaptable to embedded circuit design such as ASIC and DSP chips.

Broad application support streaming media, collaboration, file storage, authentication, messaging, command and control.
The primary advantage provided by this encryption method is a truly unique and very fast way to generate randomness that is transparent and easy to implement. The method is able to harnessing human randomness in order to initiate the construction of symmetric keys while avoiding all the complications that arise from traditional public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions. This alone makes encryption extremely strong and proven unbreakable in many applications.
PrivacyInside Encryption Overview

Key Benefits
The deployment of PrivacyInside encryption solution provides key benefits to secure edge computing. Of interest to business is the ability to encrypt content over existing communication protocols such as TCP/IP and UDP but much stronger than standard 128 bit SSL/SSH encryption which drastically reduces the implementation costs of any virtual private network (VPN). This encryption method looks to be the first high-strength security solution that eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks. It enables the practical use of symmetric keys for many diverse applications with a significantly reduction in cost of implementation and maintenance compared with existing public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions.

Only authorized users can gain access to information stored on mobile computing devices.

Ensures enforceable, automatic mobile security practices — all data is protected, totally transparent and without requiring user intervention.

Enables widespread deployment of mobile devices without compromising security.

Minimizes financial losses and legal and regulatory risk associated with exposure of sensitive information.

By showing that your organization takes the necessary steps to protect sensitive data you create trust, which enhances brand value.
Market Opportunities

The following are potential application and marketing opportunities for the PrivacyInside encryption technology:

  • User authentication management and security access control.
  • RFID Infrastructure diagnostics Solution – (VES), High performance RFID products.
  • The world strongest barcode encryption PDF, DATA MATRIX, QRCODE ETC..
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  • Next generation magnetic card and smart card uses for authentication, flash memories, SD cards.
  • Cellular communications, Voice ,txt, Video and Financial Transactions (GSM).
  • Wimax / and Wimax mobile 802.16 all type real time crypto engine.
  • LTE - LTE (Long Term Evolution) include UMTS real time encryption
  • WiFi – Ad-hoc network Security.
  • Military Friend or Foe (IFF) .
  • Secure and Encrypted VOIP and Instant messaging.
  • Virtual private network TCP/UDP security over the Internet.
  • Video and audio collaboration over the Internet.
  • Streaming media such as satellite broadcasting.
  • Device and network routing control
  • Data storage retrieval and emails.
  • Financial transaction and payment systems.
  • Encoding technology in ASIC or DSP or FPGA chip designs
  • Digital rights management, Divx, xvid G3, G4 h263 h264 etc…..
  • Counter fit protection-Encrypted Barcode
  • Documents, ID , passports , and any paper encryption on the paper it self
  • Many more applications – contact us for more details