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The fastest most powerfully and lightweight encryption engine - Stronger then military encryption, faster then AES 

This page is intended for organizations, government, military companies,
and personal interest in evaluation of the Privacy Inside Ltd. technology.

the only symmetrical, polymorphic non-mathematical encryption method in the world. Its key strength (minimum 1 million bit key size) is truly chaotic and based on a innovative, patent pending technology called PHR Pure Human Randomization. PHR replaces the structuring and use of a pseudo-random calculative hash function. PHR cannot be cracked or brute forced by any known method(s).

Other encryption algorithms have a bit overhead of between 300-700% when encrypting small amounts of information. PHR on the other hand uses an unparalleled, non dictionary compression ratio operational technique which has a bit overhead of 5-7%. Because of this, we are capable of encrypting entire columns of a database (up to 500 characters) into one 2D barcode. A process referred to as MDLE – Micro Database Less Encapsulation.

The Encryption Process:

Step 1: We use a state of the art compression algorithm to optimize the original content for efficient performance of the encryption engine.

Step 2: Salting the original content with white noise and PHR (Pure Human Randomness).

Step 3: The encryption engine creates both shuffle and move commands using a unique modifier, which is core based on the PHR and white noise engine, and performs the first layer of modification to the original content.

Step 4: XOR function on the PHR output results in a Random Oriented Enhanced Encryption (ROEE). When combined with a time set of instructions and a computational temporary set of instructions, the result is a real one time pad (OTP). This appears as a polymorphic function where the output (encrypted content) is variable.

Step 5: Reconstructing a file level on a multiple N-dimension code manipulation with zero use of a calculative algorithm, also referred to as a secondary phase of salting, results in superior protection against Rainbow Crack, Dictionary Attack, Cryptanalysis, etc.

Performance Features:

Key Strength – 1 million bit or more

Performance 400% faster compared to AES.

MPU use – Mathematical Process Unit in CPU use 3% – 7% only.

Overhead of the file from original 5% +/- (original+5%) +/-

download the file in text (encrypted) from here
download the file in zip file from here

For cryptographic analysis we transform the encrypted file for a graphic randomness evaluation when 1 = black, 0 = white

This is a view of a regular file text file  -  not encrypted you can see the non randomness patterns all over the file - regular file link

This is a view of the encrypted message transform to graphical view - watch the smooth and the non repetitions in the patterns test file link
it is the result of use the PHR AND WNS

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